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A Warm Body - LL

Title: A Warm Body
Pairing: Luke/Lorelai
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance
A/N: Takes place early S4, not long after Rory begins attending Yale. Obviously, this is AU, since this never happened on the show. ;p This is my first true attempt at "smut". It's not a PWP - just kinda graphic, I guess, heh - and it's sappy, so it has more substance. It's probably not very hot, but I gave it my best shot. (Hey, that rhymes!) Feedback is, as always, appreciated, but, since this is a first, writing-wise for me, I could really use some constructive criticism. Thank you!


It’s midnight on a Monday.

Lorelai remains on the stool at the counter, slowly sipping her tepid coffee in uncharacteristic silence.

Luke flips the sign on the diner door to ‘closed’. Lorelai snaps her head toward him; he looks sheepish and she’s disappointed as she is hurled back into reality. She finally has to face the fact that it’s time to go home – home, to an empty house. Again. Sighing in defeat, she stands, reaching into her purse with shaking hands to fish out money for her coffee. He walks over to her and holds up a hand in protest. “It’s on me.”

“Luke…” she protests weakly, placing the money on the counter.

“Don’t worry," he replies dryly. "You can pay for the many, many cups that I’m sure you’ll consume in the future."

Lorelai shakes her head then, before lowering her eyes to the floor. She feels the tears prickling at the corner of her eyes, but fights desperately to keep them at bay. She hasn’t cried yet; doesn’t want to ever cry, especially not in front of someone. But Luke takes a few steps forward, until he is close enough that, if he were to reach out, he could touch her. He doesn’t reach out toward her, but he does whisper her name. She bites her lip and looks up at him.

Her breath catches in her throat as Luke moves closer toward her. His face becomes a blur of skin and stubble as his arms reach awkwardly around her body. She stands stiffly in his embrace for a few moments, before slowly allowing herself to relax, leaning her cheek against his solid chest. And then those damn tears are back, but Lorelai is much too tired and content in his arms to fight against them. She begins to sob, and he tightens his arms around her, pulling her firmly against his body, breathing in the scent of her hair as he places feather-light kisses onto the top of her head.

The tears slowly subside and Lorelai pulls back slightly to study Luke. He looks vaguely startled and just a bit more uncomfortable than he normally seems around her, but he sends her a small smile, nonetheless. She tries to smile back, but hers is tight and Lorelai idly wonders if they’ve switched places.

“I miss her,” she whispers. “I knew letting her go would be hard, but this -” she gestures around herself – “is nothing like I thought it’d feel.”

“It’ll get easier.”

She looks into his eyes. “Did it get easier for you?”


“You. Did it get easier? Letting Jess go?”

“I – uh…” Luke gapes at her for a moment, before taking a few steps back. “It’s not the same thing.”

“What do you mean? You love Jess and now he’s gone, right?”

“I guess,” he replies gruffly.

Lorelai sighs. “I’m sorry, Luke.” She looks down at her feet. “I didn’t mean to make you feel –“

“You didn’t. Don’t worry.”

She’s surprised when he leans forward and softly places a kiss on her lips. It’s a friendly peck, meant to comfort, but it’s definitely new territory for them. She is not prepared for the electricity she feels, the warmth that seems to spread from her lips down to her toes. When he pulls back, only a fraction of a second later, Lorelai feels that dull emptiness pulsate through her heart again. She stares at him with wide eyes because she realizes that, for the small amount of time that her lips were against his, she had not felt lonely.

Luke swallows hard and takes a step backward, misinterpreting Lorelai’s wide eyes as a sign that he has gone too far. He continues to watch her though, as she remains standing in her spot in front of the counter. For a few moments, neither of them moves, eyes locked, hearts pounding. Her tongue darts out to lick her lips on its own accord, and this action is the breaking point. The wall of unwritten rules that they’ve both been hiding behind for so long crumbles, and they’re moving closer to one another, drawn together by an uncontrollable magnetic force. Their lips meet softly at first, and it’s hardly more intense than their previous kiss. They have yet to touch one another otherwise, but they unconsciously drift nearer, deepening the chaste kiss ever so slightly. When their bodies finally do touch, it’s her arm brushing against his. Then, blindly, he reaches for her, wrapping his arms around her body as her tongue prods at his lips. In one single moment, the embrace becomes so much more intense. Now, it is tongues battling, hands exploring, sighs and moans into mouths, and Lorelai finds herself being backed into the counter.

Yet, there’s still an air of awkwardness – a dull warning in the back of her mind telling her that this is her best friend, this is Luke, and she shouldn’t be kissing Luke. Nonetheless, she can't fight against the tingling sensation that is quickly seeping into her veins. Instead, her body acts on its own accord, hands reaching up and knocking the blue baseball cap off Luke’s head so that her fingers can tightly grasp his hair. His hands, in turn, cradle the back of Lorelai’s head, pulling her lips even closer to his, kissing her with years of pent-up passion.

Finally, Luke tears his lips from hers, both of them gasping for air. Lorelai’s eyes drift to his cap-less head, his hair sticking out in all directions, and then she moves her fingers to his flannel shirt. Slowly, she unbuttons each button, enjoying the feel of Luke’s heaving chest pressing up against her hands with each labored breath he takes. Once the flannel falls from his body, she lunges at him, causing him to stumble slightly backward before steadying himself again. As her lips crash down upon his, she realizes that this is probably the longest they’ve been together without speaking. She marvels at how she’s never felt more connected to him.

Luke’s hands drift under her tee shirt and dance across the skin on her back, causing her to inhale sharply. His hands then move toward her front and he rests them directly above the waistband of her jeans before he leads her toward the stairs. She pulls away from his lips with no small amount of difficulty when the backs of her legs hit the stairs. He stares questioningly into her eyes, so she grasps his hand lightly in hers and then begins up the stairs. Luke follows obediently, standing much closer as they climb the stairs toward his apartment than he normally would. When they get to the landing, Lorelai leans forward as he digs in his pocket for his keys, and she begins to kiss his neck while he tries to open the door. It takes a few unsuccessful fumbles before the door flies open.

Their lips meet again as soon as they cross the threshold, and Luke immediately grasps the hem of her shirt. She steps back slightly and lifts her arms, and he pulls the shirt over her head, throwing it toward some forgotten location in his apartment. Then, his hands run over her chest, exploring her curves, causing her to moan as she holds onto his shoulders to steady herself. Soon after, her bra is off and Luke’s fingers are running up and down the sides of breasts, gliding over her nipples as they harden under his touch. She moans again at the contact, a jolt of electricity shooting down directly toward her abdomen. She grasps his wrists and removes his hands from her chest, before grabbing his tee shirt and pulling it over his head.

Lorelai takes a few steps back, gripping his gray tee shirt in her hands. Her eyes roam the contours of his chest as he watches her, breathing deeply. She brings his shirt to her nose, taking time to inhale his scent. She’s struck by how familiar the Luke Scent is – a mix of coffee, oil, and something that is undeniably solely Luke. She had never really taken the time to notice his scent before, but right now, it is unquestionably comforting to know he surrounds her.

The shirt lands on the floor in a heap and Lorelai steps over it, approaching Luke again with a sultry smile on her face. His eyes darken as he reaches out for her, and she rejoins him in an embrace, allowing his fingers to slide down her sides, pausing at the waistband of her jeans. He unbuttons them and pushes them, along with her panties, down her long legs. She steps out of the last of her clothing and allows Luke’s eyes a moment to roam the length of her body, before she finishes undressing him.

She takes the time to note that this is Luke she’s standing in front of, completely naked. It’s Luke whose intense gaze is causing her legs to wobble. But this time, she doesn’t allow herself to remember the awkwardness because she wants to feel his warm skin against hers, longs for the comfort and understanding that his body radiates. She steps forward, suddenly timid, and he ducks his head slightly to kiss her softly, before he drags his lips down to her neck and sucks lightly on the skin there.

Goosebumps break out all over her body and she sighs, ruffling Luke’s hair as she does so. Her hands run up and down his arms and his chest, before settling on his ass. She begins to back him toward the bed as his lips move from the hollow of her neck down toward her right breast and then her left, lavishing her with undivided attention until her eyes shut tightly and she’s moaning loudly and uncontrollably. Without removing her hands from his body, Lorelai climbs onto his bed and scoots back toward the pillows. Luke immediately follows, crawling until he settles in between her legs, hovering over her body. They lock eyes and Luke runs his fingertips lightly over her breasts and her stomach, until he finally reaches down between her legs, brushing against the silky skin of her thighs.

Unconsciously, Lorelai bucks her hips up off the bed, and Luke slips one finger inside her, using the other hand to push her down again. After running his finger along the outer lips, feeling her wetness, he brings a second finger inside, and strokes her clit in small, languid circles. She groans as waves of arousal pulsate through her body. Needing something to do to keep her grounded, her lips find the slightly stubbly skin of his neck, and she begins to suck the sensitive skin in her mouth. He groans, removing his fingers from within her and cupping her cheeks, before pulling her up for an intense kiss. Lorelai’s hands drift down their bodies, quickly finding his cock, before running her fingers over the shaft as he hardens against her.

He pulls his lips from hers and buries his face in her neck, leaving wet kisses on the hot skin as he positions himself on top of her. Lorelai lifts her hips slightly to meet him and they both moan as the tip of his cock enters the warmth of her folds. He doesn’t move yet, though; instead, he whispers against her ear, his hot breath sending tingles down her spine. “It’s gonna be okay, you know. Eventually.”

“I know that now,” she replies in a trembling voice, before reaching her hands across his back and pushing him down onto her. Luke slides inside of her and they moan together, louder than before. Lorelai’s legs immediately wrap around his hips, forcing him further inside of her - closer together.

They’re both still for a few moments, allowing time to get used to the waves of heat that pound through their bodies at the sensation of their joining. Then, Luke begins to move against her slowly, his hands smoothing their way up the sides of her body, until he grasps her hands and pulls them above her head. Their fingers entwine as Lorelai begins to meet him thrust-for-thrust, forming a union so incredible that, even after her eyes drift shut, all she can see is Luke.

His movements become more erratic – slow, fast, deep, shallow – she can’t even keep track anymore. She’s gasping and moaning and twisting below him, so close that all it takes is Luke whispering her name to push her over the edge. The waves of arousal rush over her as she screams out his name. The contractions of her muscles send Luke’s climax crashing down immediately after, as he shoots up into her with a long groan.

Their panting is all that can be heard in the silent apartment.

Luke pulls out and rolls off of Lorelai, and then settles closely next to her on his bed, pulling the comforter over them. She grins at him before rolling onto her side. Luke does the same, pressing his front into her and wrapping his arms around her stomach. He places three consecutive soft kisses onto her shoulder, before beginning to drift off to sleep.

Lorelai briefly considers moving over because she likes to have her sleeping space, and she’s almost certain Luke does, as well. But as she begins to shift, his arms tighten around her and she smiles, settling in his arms again. There will be plenty of nights in the future that she'll have her sleeping space. Or, she thinks to herself with a grin, as he begins to snore lightly, maybe there won’t be. He’s there beside her - a warm body, a loving embrace - and he’s real. She likes this feeling.

For the first night since Rory moved into her dorm, Lorelai falls asleep with a smile on her face.

No, she loves this feeling.


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