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tasty_breeze's Journal

Tasty Breeze
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Hi, and welcome to tasty_breeze, an 'etc.' journal for moonlite_fading! I was beginning to annoy my friends list with my constant fic updates [and hating ffnet], plus, wanted a new icon journal. Therefore, I decided that I would combine the two aspects into a perfect hyprid journal. :D

Crediting icons is a must. If you would like to post one of my fics elsewhere, please let me know first. Commenting on icons [and fics, for that matter] is appreciated, but not required. Feedback is great. Thank you! :)

Old icon journal - _slipaway
Harry Potter fanfiction - wet_marauders (shared with yenni_babie)
Fanfiction.net profiles - Lenina Crowne (Harry Potter & Gilmore Girls) and Becca Bing (Friends)
BW&R profile - Lenina Crowne

None of the characters in fanfiction belong to me. I think you can figure out who they do belong to, though. ;)

Textures: teh_indy, awmp, hybrid-genesis.net
Brushes: teh_indy
Gradients: crumblingwalls, detoxcocktails
Gilmore Girls caps: Quintessence, Luminary, _jems_
Harry Potter Caps: Bunny Sneezes, teh_indy
Friends Caps: Friends Generation, TOW all the Friends

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